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Get in touch with all aspects of your beauty, inner or otherwise, by jumping straight to the place undoubtedly in the front runner of the finest Spa in Bandung, the Banana Spa of Banana Inn Hotel Bandung. Promising an invigorating experience for the tired body and soul, Banana Spa is the place you want to be if you want to wash away the boredom and weariness of everyday life.

Fatigue is a problem no more in this very fine Bandung Spa, as we in Banana Spa are committed to help you release all your burdens of the real world right at the doorstep before coming in to our place. Banana Spa not only provides great services and great relaxing atmosphere-we also like to add our own distinctive personal, humane touches to everything that we do, making a visit to our place a very calming and enjoyable experience.


Body Treatment Amount Duration
Banana Milk Scrub Rp. 400.000 120 minutes (3 Sessions)
Aromatherapy Massage Rp. 350.000 90 minutes (2 Sessions)
Body Scrub Rp. 300.000 90 minutes (2 Sessions)
Traditional Massage Rp. 250.000 60 minutes (1 Session)
Foot Reflexology Rp. 120.000 30 minutes (1 Sessions)

Fitness center membership is available for IDR. 200.000,- per month, including free access to swimming pool and sauna.

BANANAFIT Zumba-Salsation-Cardiodance membership is available for IDR. 250.000,- per month, or with IDR. 40.000,- per visit.

  • 5% student discount is available (please bring and show your student ID.)
  • The class is available every Tuesday at 7-8 PM and Saturday at 8-9 PM.
  • Free Choices of healthy juice


Please note that Fitness Center and BANANAFIT are not available during the month of Ramadan.

Fixing a good time to relax may prove to be difficult during the relentless pursuit of daily activities. That is why you must treat every moment you have to unwind as something that is very special, and if its enjoyment that you are seeking for during your resting time, then the hotel swimming pool of Banana Inn Hotel Bandung is a great place to be.

Offering only the best Bandung Swimming Pool experience, Banana Inn’s Hotel Swimming Pool is the ideal amalgamation of pure bliss and great atmosphere. With a crystal clear water that evokes a soothing sensation and cozy ambiance all around, a moment of temporary recluse in the swimming pool of Banana Inn Hotel Bandung is a moment that you will never find anywhere else.

Kids can be adorable, but they can also demand your full attention-attention that may perhaps be put elsewhere if you are in the middle of leisure trip trying to relax from the busy noises of everyday life. A solution has arrived: Cherry Kidz Corner in Banana Inn Hotel Bandung & Spa, a place where your kids can have their own fun while you enjoy the luxury and exclusivity of our fine Hotel.

Cherry Kidz Corner provides your children with a host of safe and fun activities that are guaranteed to keep them occupied for hours to end. Supervised by the careful eye of Banana Inn Hotel Bandung’s trained staff, you can feel safe about entrusting your children to us. Let them have some great fun, while you yourself have some great fun enjoying the finer points of Bandung or our great Hotel itself; it is a solution where everybody just wins.

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