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Guest Rooms

The journey of looking for a great Bandung Hotel providing only the nicest and coziest of hotel rooms has finally come to a decisive end with the arrival of Banana Inn Hotel Bandung & Spa. Never before in the city a Bandung Hotel that combine uniqueness of a hotel-staying experience rich with freshness and creativity with luxury and comfort as traditionally expected from a fine hotel.

Our 92 specially designed hotel rooms are meticulously engineered to provide you with only the coziest relaxing experience in the city


Banana Inn Hotel Bandung & Spa sports 92 hotel rooms capacity with four different types: Deluxe, Studio, Executive, and Suite. Each type provides only a unique hotel room experience that is peppered with Banana Inn’s distinctive style and fashion. Great facilities, great amenities, great services, great everything else: Banana Inn’s hotel rooms are simply among the best in the industry.

Room Type Size Twin Bed Double Bed Total Room
Deluxe 30 m² 35 31 66
Studio 37 m² 1 2 3
Executive 45 m² 7 11 18
Suite 60 m² 5 5


Deluxe Room

The Deluxe Room of Banana Inn Hotel is a 30 square meters hotel room furnished with a complete variety of amenities and facilities such as LCD television, Mini-bar, safe deposit box, and many others-all simply designed to impart you an unforgettable hotel room experience which you just cannot retain anywhere else in the city

  • King bed or Twin Beds
  • 30 m2
  • 2 Adults


Studio Room

Banana Inn Hotel Bandung & Spa’s Studio Room features a spacious 37 square meters area furnished with LCD television, luxurious bed, Mini-bar, safe deposit box, and a blend of other high quality amenities as well-all complemented with excellent services typical of Banana Inn Hotel Bandung & Spa. The room is also supplied with complimentary high-speed Internet access to ensure that you can always still connected with outside world even inside the irresistible seclusion of the Studio Room.

  • King bed or Twin Beds
  • 37 m2
  • 2 Adults


Executive Room

Banana Inn Hotel Bandung’s Executive Room is a 45 square meters hotel room filled with a full range of assorted high quality facilities and amenities to ensure the successful deliverance of a great Bandung Hotel staying experience to our valued guests. The executive room of Banana Inn hotel Bandung & Spa, the perfect escapade from the bane of everyday’s boredom and tediousness.

  • King bed or Twin Beds
  • 45 m2
  • 2 Adults


Suite Room

Banana Inn Hotel Bandung & Spa’s Suite Room features an incredible 60 meters square space for a maximum sense of spaciousness. This exclusive hotel room is also equipped only with the best of facilities and amenities that are second to none, and when combined with excellent support and services, there are simply no reasons for anyone looking for the definitive Bandung Hotel experience to not going into this masterful creation of a hotel room.

  • King bed
  • 60 m2
  • 2 Adults

Hotel Facilities

We are dedicated to provide you with only the best Hotel experience available. Please enjoy the following facilities and services designed to enhance your stay with Banana Inn Hotel Bandung.

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