Guest Rooms

The journey of looking for a great Bandung Hotel providing only the nicest and coziest of hotel rooms has finally come to a decisive end with the arrival of Banana Inn Hotel Bandung & Spa. Never before in the city a Bandung Hotel that combine uniqueness of a hotel-staying experience rich with freshness and creativity with luxury and comfort as traditionally expected from a fine hotel.

Banana Inn Hotel Bandung & Spa sports 92 hotel rooms capacity with four different types: Deluxe, Studio, Executive, and Suite. Each type provides only a unique hotel room experience that is peppered with Banana Inn’s distinctive style and fashion. Great facilities, great amenities, great services, great everything else: Banana Inn’s hotel rooms are simply amongst the best in the industry.

Bananna Spa

Room Type Size Twin Bed Double Bed Total Room
Deluxe 30 m² 35 31 66
Studio 37 m² 1 2 3
Executive 45 m² 7 11 18
Suite 60 m² 5 5

our rooms


Deluxe Room

Our Deluxe Room is simply packing a lot of values for such an affordable price


Studio Room

Studio Room, a place where everything that is just correct about a hotel room blends in together into one


Executive Room

Our executive room is the perfect hotel room for those wanting to bask in exceptionality


Suite Room

Suite Room is the ultimate embodiment of everything that makes staying such a truly special experience