Relax and enjoy the atmosphere with Angkringan in Banana Inn Hotel Bandung

Angkringan in Banana Inn is the perfect venue to enjoy traditional food while sitting relaxed, perfect for a winding down after a busy day of traveling or shopping or having fun around Bandung!. Sego kucing is the favorite and main menu in this stall.


The Dawegan Combo that will make you want for more, only in Banana Inn Hotel Bandung

Taste the real and authentic coconut taste to refresh your day with our Dawegan Combo (appetizer, main course and dessert) :  For appetizer, enjoy combination of refreshing fruit salad & yogurt.  For the main course, savor the combination of chicken curry enriched with spicy herb.  And finally, for dessert, take pleasure in the Roasted Banana Ice Cream combined with authentic and fresh coconut!


Great Traditional Indonesian-Style Taste with Awi Gombong only in Banana Inn Hotel Bandung

Get your friends for a meet up in Banana Inn Hotel Bandung and have a try of our very special Awi Gombong, a serving of Fried Rice with condiments, fried chicken, chicken satay, tofu, fried tempe, and vegetable fritter with sliced omelette for topping. Yum!


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