Table Manner Package

Table manner is a refined social skill one needs to know if one wishes to develop a wide social network in an increasingly refined society nowadays. However, proper table manner etiquette is not something that can be learned easily by yourself: for best result, it is better for you to find a professional that can help you pointing the ways of what is correct and what is not so that you will not get lost on the way.

Banana Inn Hotel Bandung & Spa’s table manner package offers you a one-day table manner course that is especially designed to prepare its participants for the correct ins and outs of the proper table manner etiquettes. Hosted by professionals of table manner know-how from Banana Inn Hotel, this course is the perfect investment for young professionals or anyone else that are aspiring to deepen their social networking skills.

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  • Lunch Appetizer – Dessert
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  • Terms & Condition
  • Minimum orders are 50 persons
  • Rate is inclusive of 21% government tax and services
  • Price is subject to change without prior notice